Custom Orders

At the core of our values there is strive for excellence. We are proud of our Italian culinary heritage and we want to make sure that you will have a unique opportunity to truly feel like you were shopping in Italy, and in Italy we love custom-made!


We can customize all of our in-house baked product to your specifications, but we want to do more than that!


We offer custom orders of products off our current catalogue!

Want something from a specific region of Italy?

Want to purchase something you tried during your visit in Italy?

Or something you miss from Italy?

We are here for you!


We offer also custom baskets if you want to try different specialties from selected regions, as well as wisely composed medleys of the top-quality Italian products. 


We also offer monthly Italian package subscriptions for all pockets. You tell us what you like and let us do the magic, or choose each individual product. We will send you a selection of products hand-curated by our culinary experts.


After all, Italian food is art that you can eat.