Premium Pistachio Spread from Sicily


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Try our Premium Organic Pistachio Cream and find your new favorite! We ship nationwide in the US. 

AgriSicilia's pistachio organic spread is made with the best pistachios in the world: Sicilian Pistachios.   

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What can I bake with Pistachio Cream? How can I eat it?  

Use it to spread on bread or cookies (as you would with a chocolate-hazelnut spread) or bake the most delicate pastry. Imagine a cake with pistachio flavored whipped cream or a sandwich cookie with Pistachio Cream in the middle. 

What is Pistachio Cream?

Pistachio Cream or Crema di Pistacchio in Italian is a spread made with pistachios, sugar, milk, and other natural ingredients. 

Product Details

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Net Weight: 7.05 oz / 200 g